Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bugatti 100P Project - call for support

The Bugatti 100P reproduction is possibly the most exciting current aviation project in the world.  The original aircraft was built by Bugatti's just prior to WW2 and was very nearly ready for test flying when the German invasion put an end to the original project, making the aircraft the most famous never to fly.

This is the first ever reproduction of the aircraft and is being built to fly in Oklahoma, USA with a truly international engineering input.

The propellers for this aircraft have been manufactured by Hercules propellers in the UK.

The project team are appealing for financial help to complete the project and see the aircraft flying through crowd sourcing.  Why not donate a small amount to the project and enjoy the satisfaction that you helped to make this truly amazing and historic aircraft fly.

Visit Kick Starter for a video, pictures and info.  You can even get your name engraved on the aircraft for just $25 USD

Go to: 

The Bugatti propellers built by us.

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