Saturday, 13 July 2013


Just arrived at Hercules Propellers, a very beautiful original Sopwith Pup propeller.

This huge propeller measured 102" diameter and was manufactured by Frederick Sage & Co. Ltd during the First World War.  Frederick Sage was a shop fitting company that turned to aircraft production to help with the war effort.

This beautiful wood propeller is on loan to us from a museum so that we can produce a reproduction propeller for a replica Sopwith Pup, currently under construction.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam , just wondering if any one can help me with a propeller that if have its 100 inches in length the hub is 9cm thick has 8 holes in the hub then the main big hole the widest part of the blades is 21cm it has got Sopwith Camel 17th April 1918 on one side of the hub the other side has D100 P78 SN R 00418 there is other markings but very faint also I could send photos just let me know , thankyou Rob.