Friday, 17 May 2013


We have just received a flight test report from Wim Stapel who has fitted and flown his new Tiger Moth propeller.

This is what Wim wrote in his email to us:

At last after a couple of day's flying with the new propeller feedback -
Propeller arrived perfect and the day after arrival it was put on our Tiger.

Starting up was already a great difference as the engine run real smooth with the new propeller, the noise seemed to be also less.
After test running it and flying it for an hour we retorqued it and made an other 5 hours (now with the perfect stable weather) and it is a joy to fly.  Performance and smoothness of operation is great and we are real happy with it.  You can be proud on the nice job done,
many thanks.

Picture below of the Tiger with it's new Hercules propeller fitted.

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