Saturday, 30 March 2013

Staaken Z21 Flitzer

Here are a few pictures taken today.  They are of Hercules' very own company aircraft and soon to be propeller development flying test-bed.

This lovely little bi-plane has been disassembled and put away into storage for the last few years but now it has been positioned into it's new purpose built hangar at Nympsfield.  The aircraft is in good condition, just needing a few tidying up jobs, re-rigging and inspecting for it's ticket.

Ironically, the only part missing is the propeller....  We'd better get on and make one...

Having this aircraft on line and at the factory's disposal means that we have a test bed available to fly some variations in propeller design as we are always looking for ways to lengthen our lead in the propeller performance stakes.

We'll keep you posted with progress as this aircraft nears readiness to fly.

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